Theres all kinds of puffles

  • Blue Puffle - It was also the first puffle in March 2006 when they became available. The blue Elite Puffle is called Bouncer.
  • Red Puffle - They originally came from Rockhopper Island, but have now been domesticated for igloo usage. The most famous red Puffle is Rockhopper's puffle, Yarr. They can play with you in Catchin' Waves at the Cove. The red Elite Puffle is called Blast.
  • Pink Puffle - They are known for their sportiness. They are also depicted as cheerful. They can play with you in Aqua Grabber at the Iceberg. The pink Elite Puffle is called Loop.
  • Black Puffle - They are known for their reluctancy and shadowiness. Many Penguins tend to view black puffles as "gangster-like". They rarely smile, but they will smile when pleased. It can play Cart Surfer with you. The black Elite Puffle is called Flare.
  • Green Puffle - They are known to be very energetic and active. They are also the fastest puffles. They are much like clowns, and are usually seen with a Propeller Cap or a unicycle. The most famous green Puffle is the Keeper of the Boiler Room. It can play Jet Pack Adventure with you. The green Elite Puffle is called Flit.
  • Yellow Puffle - They are very creative and artistic, and are known to sculpt and paint perfect pieces of art. Yellow Puffles were first sighted in October 2007 and made available for members in November of that year. Yellow Puffles can play in DJ3K.Theres also a yellow puffle which stays mysteriously in the stage. The yellow Elite Puffle is called Chirp.
  • Purple Puffle - They were discovered in August 2006. They are known to dance and be picky eaters. The purple puffle can play with you in the minigame Dance Contest. The purple Elite Puffle is called Pop.
  • White Puffle - The White Puffle was introduced to Club Penguin on Friday March 6, 2009. They are smaller than all other puffles. They are also known for their ability to turn anything in to ice, or create slopes of ice from thin air. The white puffle is the newest Elite Puffle, called Chill.
  • Orange Puffle - The Orange Puffle is one of the newest puffle, available since February 25, 2010. Orange Puffles have been depicted as goofy and clownlike, much like Green Puffles. As the Orange puffle is one of the newest, it is an Elite Puffle and its name is Carrot.
  • Brown Puffle - The Brown Puffle is the newest puffle, it was discovered on the 18th of January 2011 during the Wilderness Expedition. It was perhaps the most exciting to discover as not only several puzzles had to be solved but a boat had to be built and sailed out to their secret cave. Inside Members could adopt one Brown Puffle for free. So far it seems Brown Puffles are quite intelligent as the cave is full of many complex contraptions. It also uses a Rocket ship to play and dreams of equations.

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